Sports in Buffalo

No matter your preference, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Sports in Buffalo. From professional teams like the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, minor league teams like the Buffalo Bisons and Bandits, college teams from University of Buffalo Bullsc, Buffalo State, Canisius College – we have you covered.

Popular Buffalo & WNY Sports Venues that will have the floors rumbling with excitement no matter who’s playing. Check out some of the best places to catch sports in Buffalo.

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    Babz BBQ

    • image-36887

    Buckminster’s Cat Cafe

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    Waxlight Bar à Vin

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    Fresh Catch Poke & The Galley Lounge at 500 Pearl

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    BurgerIM Buffalo


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WNY Sporting Events

There’re tons of WNY Sporting Events you can attend, go to cheer on your favorite team, or participate in yourself! Find the most appealing ones to you then go play and cheer your heart out.

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