Left Bank Brunch Still *Slaps*

Left Bank Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

It should come as a surprise to nobody that a restaurant like Left Bank is still successful in Buffalo. What do I mean by a restaurant ďlikeĒ Left Bank? Well letís start with the fact that they have essentially no social media presence, their overall marketing is minimal if not absent, theyíve been around forever, and yet, theyíre still constantly busy, all the time. To me, that translates into this: if you have the word of mouth, bigger portion sizes, and the support of an older audience in a town like Buffalo, youíre pretty much set.†

Oh, and did I mention that they have upheld their standards and food quality all these years? Yeah, thatís what *slaps* means in the title, Karen. ūüôā The testament being – if it ainít broke, donít fix it. Iíve visited Left Bank quite a few times since I started @buffalobrunch and Iíve never been disappointed.


Hereís what Iíve had: brunchy bruschetta (topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and pepper jack cheese), classic eggs benedict, oak roasted salmon (served over field greens with asparagus, red onion, avocado, tomato, hard boiled egg, and a creamy peppercorn dressing), huevos rancheros, croque madame, and french toast.

Brunch Bruschetta at Left Bank Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

While the bruschetta may seem like an appetizer for the table to split, youíre going to want to get it as your entree. Trust me. Think: a perfectly crusty breakfast pizza. The oak roasted salmon really did it for me too. Lightly dressed, creamy, fresh greens with the saltiness of the salmon cutting through and complemented by nice crunchy vegetables. A hearty, savory salad that I would indulge in once a week if I could.†


Each of the more classic dishes left nothing to be desired. Left Bank puts out a benedict and a croque madame that sit right up there with my favorites and that I would recommend over and over should someone be on the hunt for the two brunch standards. The huevos rancheros is a nice spin with a nice big taco bowl swaddling all of the goods.†

Left Bank Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon


The best part about everything? Left Bank has perfected their brunch items, so that even if you had their croque madame five years ago and you suddenly have a hankering for it, you can go right back and get that very same croque madame. Whether youíre into the trendy restaurants or you just want a plate of pancakes that wonít disappoint, Left Bank should always be on your list.†


Left Bank

Location: 511 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY†

Hours: Sunday brunch served 11am – 2:30pm

Social: Facebook

Booze: Yes

Patio: Yes


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