Forestview Restaurant’s Got Depew Covered With Brunch Options for DAYS 

Forestview Restaurant Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Forestview Restaurant on Transit Road is your typical appeal-to-everybody style joint. Long hours, huge menu, tons of drink options, patio, live music – the list goes on. So it’s natural that they have a breakfast menu complete with bloody marys, mimosas, eleven omelette options, several sweet and savory options, a senior menu, a healthy menu, an extensive side menu, and, honestly, do I really need to end that sentence with “more?” I declare – no, I do not. 


I’ve visited a few times, mostly in my high school days as it was close to where I grew up, so I’m familiar with their entire menu albeit gigantic. I’ve had the healthy options, the sweet options, the completely gluttonous options, and quite a few adult beverages in my days at Forestview restaurant. 

Forestview Restaurant Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Here’s the deal with the availability of each of their menus: breakfast available all day, every day; the rest of the menu goes into effect at 11am through close. MEANING: go anytime after 11am and your options are in abundance. On a recent Saturday afternoon visit, my good friends from YUMedia and I ordered as if we hadn’t eaten in weeks. We’re talking: Country Fried Steak, Pittsburgh Salad, Thai Chicken Wraps, Chicken Souvlaki Pizza, Belgian Waffle, Veggie Breakfast Bowl, Chicken Souvlaki Salad, Breakfast Burger, Meditteranean Platter, Stuffed French Toast, Stuffed Banana Pepper Meatball “volcano” – yeah, guys – the gamut. 

Forestview Restaurant Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Here’s what they do well: the greek goods, the generic breakfast options, and the higher-calorie, gluten-filled options. The falafel was on point, the souvlaki salad was one of the best I’ve had in WNY, the chicken souvlaki pizza was simply delicious from the crust to the scrambled eggs to the chicken. The stuffed french toast was also a high point – the berries proving fresh to death and the cream filling being the most excellent compliment to the hearty bread and tart berries.


The country-fried steak was savory to the core and the saltiness was washed down perfectly by the accompanying egg yolk, hash browns, and a gulp of a bloody mary with a great amount of kick. The mimosa had a little too much OJ in it for my liking, but also complemented the savory options quite well. The omelettes and breakfast bowls and hash browns – exactly what you want them to be. 

Forestview Restaurant Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

While some of the healthier, non-breakfast items left a bit to be desired, the underlying ode to greek diners is that they’re not there to do the whole menu well, they’re here to please the masses. And that, darlings, is being done and done very well at Forestview.


Forestview Restaurant

Location: 4781 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Hours: Breakfast served Sunday – Thursday from 7am – 11pm, Friday & Saturday from 7am – 1 am, breakfast and dinner menu served 11am – close daily 

Social: Facebook, Instagram 

Booze: Yes

Patio: Yes

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